Graphic design professional by day, Bohemian artistic rule-breaker by night…

I like to think of myself as both an artist and an academic. I am a passionate designer, but also a lover of art history. So, I got a degree in both. Knowledge is power, and I eat it for breakfast. Often described as tenacious and eclectic, I have a knack for getting things done efficiently and impressively with a cherry on top. When I’m not designing I like to read books about faraway lands, and articles about politics. I am a top-notch home cook, and mother to an adorable tabby cat named Boo Radley. My husband and I like to tour breweries, travel, and eat good food.
I live a simple life, but one full of passion, love, learning, and Kodak moments.

When it comes to design, I love branding and logos. Digital artistic advertising is like my life-blood. I believe the best way to reach an audience is to engage them with something both beautiful and thought-provoking. I am a highly communicative person with a love for long conversations. The more collaboration in my life, the better. Team work is the most important ingredient for greatness. I’m not afraid of criticism and critiques. To me, design is problem solving in its purest form, and I’m always up for a challenge.



Photography + Editing
Printing Technology
Social Media

I think its important to always keep learning, so these skills will grow. But I also believe theres always more to learn, so you’ll never see them reach 100%.


Logo Design for: Small Businesses, Large companies, Charities, Events, Restaurants, Blogs, Logo Redesign

Logo Design

Your logo is the anchor of your brand. It is easily the most important element to any company or mission. It’s the first impression, and usually the last. I work to create distinctive logos for small and large businesses, projects, products, campaigns, and more. We’ll spend time talking about what your message is, your ideas, and your goals. Through effective communication I’ll create a number of designs that will lead us to a long lasting mark for your brand. Hover to learn more about my logo design services.

Branding Design for: Brand Consult, Rebranding for small and large companies, Branding for start-ups, Web branding, App Branding, Brand guides and mood boards

Brand Design

Branding is the center of your marketing activity. Consistent brands help your customers recognize you. I believe branding should not be any harder than it needs to be. I’ll create a set of “design rules” for your business, projects, etc…that will help you stick out in a crowded marketplace. This service will always come complete with a brand guide.Hover to learn more about my branding design services. 

Print Design for: Posters, Business cards, Stationary, Billboards, Flyers, Postcards, Publication covers, Brochures

Print Design

One of my specialties is artistic and creative print work. Whatever your need may be I’ll focus on creating a unique design that addresses your message in an attractive way. You can always expect your final product to be both print and web ready. Hover to learn more about my print design services. 

Design for: Newspaper ads, Signage, Magazines ads, Promotional flyers or posters

Advertising Design

Advertising is so much more than just an attractive design. It’s a solution to a problem, a way to send a message, and a marketing strategy. I can create a variety of advertisements for your project, based on any existing brand or lack thereof. Hover to learn more about my advertising & promotional design services.


Charlotte, NC


Ready to talk? Let’s do this.

B/M Creative is a full service design studio ready to meet your company’s needs in meaningful and enthusiastic way. I work collaboratively with your team to not only provide outstanding design services, but a fully customizable experience that always goes beyond expectations. I value sustainability and progressive efforts, and focus on bringing each project to the next level. Design is problem solving at it’s core, and I’m up for every challenge. Lets make something great together. 

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